IPI-SuperRapid ™

Polymer Compound For Mending Emergency Leaks And Refurbishing Broken Equipment & Machinery

Zero-VOC, two-component, both non-sag- pastes, ambient fast cure
• Cures in 5-10 minutes at normal ambient temperatures (65-85F)
• Designed for machinable repairs of broken, worn, or older equipment or machine parts or filling unintended gaps, holes, and more.
• Provides in-situ, quick, cost effective, and permanent repairs at a fraction of replacement costs
• Saves downtime, labor, energy, and money by using in-house manpower, partial disassembly, and no moving or transportation.
• Cold welding, where open flames pose danger, or access is limited, or downtime is too costly.
• Serving more than 20 industries since 1985

Product Applications