IPI-Crystal Quartz ™

Advanced Polymer Concrete, three times as strong as normal concrete, designed to repair and/or strengthen concrete anywhere, but especially in and around manholes

Mortar has three-component to mix, zero-VOC, ambient-cure capability, and it is trowelable.

• Excellent Chemical Resistance; will withstand chemical attack
• Abrasion Resistant; 40mg weight loss / 1000 Taber cycles
• Advanced non-rusting formula; will resist corrosion of rebar
• Tremendous impact resistance: 0.60 ft/
• Phenomenal bond strength to steel; breaks concrete in adhesive pull tests.
• Zero shrinkage; no shrinkage cracks due to internal stresses after cure
• High modulus = 300,000 psi; resistance to deformation under sustained load showing no creep.
• Most suitable coefficient of thermal expansion for polymer concrete; 2 x 10-5 in/in 0F; thermal cycling will not cause delamination
• Hardness = Rockwell R110 or M65
• Chemical bond (hot joint) to substrate and between layers; makes seamless and waterproof applications possible
• High early compressive strength, ASTM C-39 =2500psi in 24h; 4300 psi in 48h; 8000 psi in 7days
• Zero VOC; no flammability; no fire or explosion risks; no VOC-related health concerns
• No solvent-related application problems (bubbles, pinholes, etc.)
• Factory proportion packaging; easy to use; no weighing/ proportioning in the field
• Serving more than 20 industries since 1985

Product Applications