IPI-SuperBarrier ™

Polymer coating and lining resistant to concentrated Sulfuric Acid; also creates micro-smooth surface in pumps and pipes to improve the e4fficiency of fluid flow;

Zero-VOC, two-component, both liquids, ambient cure

• Protects concrete and metal structures and holding tanks against severe chemical attack, including by concentrated sulfuric acid; (drains, sumps, secondary containment areas, holding tanks, and more)
• Improves fluid flow in pumps, pipes, valves drastically by providing a micro-smooth, near frictionless surface;
• Provides low-friction surfaces for free flow of powder in mines and factories (silos, hoppers, truck beds, and others)
• Can be applied with brush, roller, or spray;
• Solventless, odorless, easy to mix, user-friendly
• Serving more than 20 industries since 1985

Product Applications