IPI-Fluid Ceramic ™

Polymer/ceramic coating for protection of interiors of pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, and other turbulent fluid flow equipment against erosion, corrosion, cavitation, impingement, and chemical attack.

Zero-VOC, two-component, both liquids, ambient cure, brushable,

• Excellent chemical resistance; will withstand chemical attack and corrosion
• Abrasion resistant; resists turbulent fluid flow with suspended solids in it
• Designed for toughest fluid flow problems; such as cavitation, impingement, implosion,
• Advanced non-rusting formula; hence resistant to corrosion
• Rockwell hardness ; R 123, M 88
• Elevated temperature service; 350 oF dry; 180 oF wet; will retain its mechanical properties
• Phenomenal bond strength to steel; one ton per square inch
• Negligibly small cure shrinkage; two mils per inch (build up thicker then grind down if needed)
• High modulus; 350,000 psi; resistance to deformation under sustained loads showing no creep.
• Suitable coefficient of thermal expansion; 1.9 x 10-5 in/in 0F; thermal cycling will not cause delamination
• Zero VOC No flammability; no fire or explosion risks; no health concerns due to VOCs; no solvent problems (bubbles, pinholes, etc.)
• Factory proportion packaging Easy to use; No weighing or proportioning in the field
• Serving more than 20 industries since 1985

Product Applications