INTEGRATED POLYMER INDUSTRIES, INC. (IPI) is an American technology company, headquartered in Irvine, California, with innovative, commercial, polymer products geared towards solving industrial problems.
IPI was established in 1985 to introduce its revolutionary zero-VOC systems. IPI has extensive research, development, marketing and training facilities and programs in place today at its headquarters in Irvine, California, USA.  
IPI has carefully positioned itself to provide much needed relief to industry through its unique repair and maintenance products, kits, systems, and application knowhow.  IPI commercial products make use of IPN (Interpenetrating-Polymer-Networks) chemistry and save industry tremendous amounts of money, time and frustration through permanent repairs that make replacement unnecessary.  IPI means polymer science and technology … at its best!
Machinery, infra-structures, equipment, and buildings represent billions of dollars of investment and they are all at the mercy of the elements. Moisture, stress, weatherization, use and abuse constantly devalue these investments around the clock through erosion, corrosion, cavitation, impingement, impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and more … Complete or partial replacement is never a permanent solution, sometimes not even possible due to parts being obsolete, manufacturer being no longer in business, or simply too costly. Other times long downtimes are not possible or affordable.
IPl’s commercial products ranging from metal repair kits, pump rebuilding systems, high performance coatings, and polymer concretes, to breathing membranes, roof leak-stoppers, rubber molding kits, thermally and electrically conductive fillers, ESI/EMI shields, fairing compounds, and many other polymer system save industry precious time, money, and resources by making manufacturing run smoothly, replacement unnecessary, outside contracting unneeded, and downtime negligible.

IPl’s innovative commercial products are shipped around the world and technical support is offered to qualifying end users. IPI’s “Encyclopedia of Industrial Repairs” with step-by-step visual aids and instructions through its unique “IPI-Storyboards™”, a first in the business, helps maintenance technicians across 30+ industries daily.
In a world based on tackling real problems and interfacing with real people every day, one cannot go far without providing real solutions. Creation and dissemination of new information on existing commercial products, applications, and/or new commercial products on a timely basis is the most important part of IPI’s R&D efforts. Industrial challenges and problems are not to be underestimated, but then neither are IPl’s innovative people, exciting R&D programs, and unique commercial products. 
IPI’s goal is to empower the industry with instant in-situ-repair capability through smart polymer kits and application knowhow, thus reducing cost of operations.

IPI’s mission is to use pioneering IPN chemistry to continue developing eco-friendly, high-performance, commercial products for industrial repair, to prevent unscheduled downtime, eliminate waste and reduce pollution, thereby contributing to a greener planet.

How can we help you solve your industrial problem today?